Turkish deputy PM talks on causes of chemical weapons use in Syria

The main reason for the use of chemical weapons in Syria is related to the fact that the world community didn't apply tough sanctions against the Assad regime at the time, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said, Turkish media reported April 16.

Bozdag noted that Turkey is not only against the use of chemical weapons against civilians, but also strictly condemns all acts of violence against the peaceful population of Syria.

"Turkey's policy towards Syria is very clear - Ankara stands for stability in the region," Bozdag said.

On April 14, Joseph Dunford, a US Marine Corps general and the 19th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the US and its allies fired more than 100 missiles at Syria at 9 p.m. EST (1 a.m. GMT) and three main chemical weapons facilities were targeted by missiles from both the sea and aircraft, which triggered Syrian air defenses.

Dunford acknowledged the strike was designed to degrade Syria's chemical weapons capability without killing civilians or the many foreign fighters in Syria's multi-sided civil war.

The Pentagon said one of the targets was a scientific research center located in the greater Damascus area, which it described as a Syrian center for the research, development, production and testing of chemical and biological weaponry.

The second target was a chemical weapons storage facility west of the city of Homs.

The third target, which was also near Homs, contained both a chemical weapons equipment storage facility and a command post.