Russia should prevent unsanctioned use of its weapons developments by others — senator

Russia should react decisively and promptly to otherschr("39") attempts to use its weapons developments without permission, Chairman of the Russian Federation Councilchr("39")s Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Bondarev told, TASS reports.

US magazine The National Interest has earlier reported that "USSOCOM [United States Special Operations Command] wants American companies to explore whether it is feasible to chr("39")reverse engineer or reingeneer and domestically produce the following foreign-like weapons: 7.62X54R belt fed light machine gun that resembles a PKM (Pulemyot Kalashnikova Modernizirovany), and a 12.7X108mm heavy machine gun that resembles a Russian-designed NSV (Nikitin, Sokolov, Volkov)."

"Several countries hold licenses for manufacturing Russian machine guns of this model, but the US is not among them. Of course, we should prevent any attempts to use Russian weapons developments without our permission. If US intentions evolve into real actions, if they start making concrete steps in an effort to use our technologies without permission, if they start reingeneering and manufacturing our heavy machine guns on the US territory, then we should react decisively and promptly," Bondarev said.