Bakcell promotes decent work and economic growth

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan is the official supporter of weekly "Global Goals" programme, produced by the "ASAN Radio" and the United Nations Office in Azerbaijan.

The next radio programme of the "Global Goals" series will be dedicated to the 8th Sustainable Development Goal, being the decent work and economic growth. The "Decent work" goal promotes opportunities for every person to find gainful employment which will ensure safe working conditions and social protection of his/her family. In addition, the goal covers the best perspectives for personal development and social integration of people.

This week's guests are: Head of Marketing, Public and International relations department at ABAD Public Legal Entity Ms. Turana Gasimova; Manager of the UNDP's "Sustainable Land and Forest Management at Greater Caucasus Landscape" Project Mr. Eltekin Omarov; rug-maker and craftswoman Ms. Surayya Rzayeva (currently member of ABAD).

The radio show will be aired on the "ASAN Radio" at 18:20, 16 April 2018. The show's reruns will be aired on 18th and 20th of April at 11:05 and 14:05 respectively.

The main purpose of the "Global Goals" series is to increase the awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals, provide information about the implemented projects to achieve the 2030 Agenda, as well as on duties and responsibilities of the various institutions and citizens with regard to ensuring the sustainability.

World leaders adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015 mobilizing efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind.

"ASAN Radio" (100 FM) will broadcast five programmes with support of Bakcell during the month of April.

Being one of the largest employers and investors of the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan, Bakcell contributes largely to the country's economic growth by investing in its employees and providing them with safe working conditions, and ensuring social protection of their family members.


About Bakcell

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, offers a wide range of products and Services to users of modern mobile communications Services. The company provides its customers with the best-in-class 3G and 4G mobile internet.

With more than 6500 base stations, Bakcell network covers 99% of the population and 93% of the land area of the country (except for the occupied territories).

After proving itself to provide the best 3G mobile internet service in the country, Bakcell has announced the commercial launch of 4G LTE services on 5th of May 2015. 4G ensures a significant increase of mobile internet speed and is especially useful for those users who wish to stay mobile at all times, having an access to high-speed mobile internet at all locations. Currently, in addition to Baku and Absheron peninsula, residents of Ganja, Quba, Qusar, Khachmaz, Shabran and Siyazan regions are able to benefit from the high-speed 4G internet of Bakcell. In the year 2018, Bakcell continues to expand its LTE network to other regions of Azerbaijan. Bakcell became the first mobile operator in the country to launch 4G service in Baku subway. In the year 2017, Bakcell network has been recognized as the "Best in Test" in Azerbaijan by P3 Communications, being the international leader and most trusted independent authority in mobile benchmarking. According to tests, implemented in August 2017, Bakcell has the best score overall network experience in Azerbaijan and the best mobile internet network "in test" in Baku and other big cities.

For more information about Bakcell products and services, please visit or call 555. For press releases please see (or for press releases in English).

If you are not a Bakcell subscriber, but wish to find out about Bakcell and its products and services, please call 012 498 89 89