Kazakhstan to start issuing electronic visas in 2018

The government of Kazakhstan determined the list of countries, whose citizens will be able to get Kazakhstan's electronic visas in 2018, the First Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tleuberdi said at a press conference, Kazakh media outlets reported.

"We plan to implement pilot projects for electronic visas for a number of countries this year. The list of these countries has already been determined," Tleuberdi said.

However he did not specify exactly for which countries the visa will be issued in this format.

"The republican budget commission will also provide the necessary amount to improve the system of Committee of national security, engaged in the visa project, so that we could start the issuance of electronic visas in 2018," Tleuberdi said.

He also added that Kazakhstan studied the experience of electronic visa issuance of such countries, as the United Arab Emirates and Estonia.