Azermarka to issue post stamps for 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Republic

Azermarka LLC will issue an exclusive series of post stamps dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Republic, director of the company Leyla Gulaliyeva told Trend.

She said the post stamps will be issued in a limited number and are to be presented at the exhibition organized by Azermarka and dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Republic.

"We are also planning to issue thematic post stamps for the upcoming Novruz holiday," Gulaliyeva said. "We actively work to attract more people to philately. There was a period when many of us collected post stamps and we'd like to save this tradition, of course. We especially want to see school and university students taking interest in philately."

Azermarka published a book titled "Azerbaijan" with thematic post stamps in the end of 2017, and the main goal now is to familiarize foreign philatelists with cultural heritage of the country, according to her.

"Along with historical monuments, modern architecture of Baku, national cuisine, flora and fauna of the country, the book also covers tolerance. Post stamps can carry information about a country to any part of the world," she added.

Artist and art historian Leyla Gulaliyeva is heading Azermarka LLC as a director since January 2018. She stepped in for the previous director Intigam Bagirli.