Merkel wants younger ministers in cabinet

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for younger members of her party to fill ministerial positions in the new government, BBC reports.

"We need to ensure that not only the over-60s are considered but also younger people," she told German TV.

She also defended "painful" concessions made to the the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) to clinch a coalition deal.

The deal followed months of wrangling after an inconclusive election.

However it still needs to be approved by the SPDchr("39")s 460,000 members, with the result due in March.

On Friday SPD leader Martin Schulz abandoned a plan to serve as foreign minister in the new government, saying he did not want debate about his role to jeopardise the new coalition.

"Now we need to show that we can start with a new team," Mrs Merkel said. The CDU has six ministerial posts to fill.