"I want to share this beauty with the world" - Fakhriya Khalafova - VIDEO

Fakhriyya xanim, looks like you have  a lot of work to do  for creation of a  new Uzbek collection. How could you rate your spiritual state? I know, I read a lot about you, the whole world knows about you. And I would like to hear how Azerbaijani citizen Fakhriyya Khalafova, perceives Uzbek culture, Uzbek silk, Uzbek fabrics, Uzbek colors and Uzbek spiritual world?

- Oh, thank you very much for such kind words. I've always been interested in Uzbek fabrics and ornaments. Uzbek silk, it has always been interesting for me. I have several samples of it at home and in the office. Whoever came from Uzbekistan, I have always asked tobring me the fabrics. Therefore, I have gathered a small number of tissues. This summer I set the goal-to make a collection using Uzbek silks. Thatchr("39")s why I need fabrics to make this idea come true. Ichr("39")m very glad that my friends brought them at my request. They chose them  to my taste and I have already begun work on creation of a new collection. And I can say that I moved into another world. I discovered something completely new, new space for myself, a new color, new combinations of it.

I always wondered how it's possible to synthesize several colors in one  as Uzbeks do. It needs great skills and talent, especially all national traits accumulating over the centuries. It's remarkably that those traits are keeping in its original state. It is very good material to work with  and a big source of inspiration for me.

What do you feel about Uzbekistan when someone speaks or writes about Uzbekistan, when you the movies or  TV-shows about this country, how do you perceive it?

- I'll gladly tell you about my feelings and how they were formed. Of course, the most vivid impressions are childrenchr("39")s and young peoplechr("39")s impressions. Unfortunately, I have not been able to visit Uzbekistan yet, but we have a lot of pictures in the house and Ichr("39")ll tell you the history of these photos. My mother and sister spent their holidays in Uzbekistan, and it was their great desire.My mother wanted to go to Uzbekistan. 

My mom wanted me to go to Uzbekistan. I studied at school, my sister in the university and my mom was a teacher at the university, so we didn't have the  holidays at the same time.  Hence,  my mom and sister left to Uzbekistan. I remember how eagerly they prepared for this trip and I was very sad because I could not join them in that trip. 

They went and got acquainted with all the sights and brought lots of photos. Mom was a big fan of photo art. The camera was with her all the time. She made a lot of pictures with the backdrop of all these beauties and made them in very artistic way. They were in Samarkand, and there were many beautiful pictures. It was my first impressions. 

Literally, I was stuck in these photos and certainly it affected my feelings. It turns out that my mother and sister went there, but I did not and I wanted to go there more than anybody. Now Ichr("39")m close to the goal and understand that. I feel that soon I will visit Uzbekistan. I will be glad to come to Uzbekistan not just as a tourist, but as a creative person to share my art. This art is international and has no language. On the podium, we demonstrate our creativity silently, models walk with the  beautiful music, but during this period, it can be 15-20-30 minutes. We, as theater directors, can talk without words. The designers also work that way. And the most important thing for me is reflect all my childhood memories in my work. 

I know that Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan are close and friendly countries but it's not easy to present the new collection from Uzbek silk to the whole world. Please tell me about that.

- At the very beginning of my career I tried to demonstrate my art in Azerbaijan, particularly in Baku. But I always set challenging tasks. I wished to put a fashion show in Paris. Obviously Paris is the centre of fashion. And my first show in Paris took place in 1997 as part of the festival of Ethical Fashion, "demonstration of ethnic trends".

Of course, all ethnic trends should be transformed in the synthesis of modern fashion. In Paris, you must show fashion, and this is an axiom. I have already started work on a collection of Uzbek fabrics, from Uzbek silks. I believe that I will show this collection on the podiums of the world. I want to share this with the world. But before that, I will definitely make a presentation in Baku and in Uzbekistan. I believe that it is necessary to share the original national art with to the international community.

Dear Fakhria khanum, thank you for the interview. We are waiting for you in Uzbekistan, and do not say goodbye to you.