Children who can’t enter lyceums and gymnasiums to be admitted to other schools in Azerbaijan

The admission process in some schools in Azerbaijan is over, the head of the Baku City Education Department, Mahabbat Valiyeva, told APA on Thursday. "Parents preferred their children to study at lyceums and gymnasiums. If they have not chosen to have their children study at regular schools, I understand their subsequent concern. But, unfortunately, this process has been entirely left to society. I think that children who can not be admitted to the school of their choice will be admitted to other schools in the area," Veliyeva said commenting on public concern as to whether children who fail the exam for the first-grade at lyceums and gymnasiums will be admitted to schools later or not.

She noted that the results will be announced in the coming days. "I want to assure our people that all the requests will be considered carefully and we will make sure all children are admitted to schools," she said.